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Choose a track on the right to hear the difference.  The track will begin playing in its mastered state. Click unmastered to hear the original file. Click load more and back to toggle between track pages.



Flagship Mastering is a Boutique service, catering to the richness of your sonic vision for each track

In addition to providing the best quality masters, suitable for all applications including vinyl -

We are here to work with you, offering both technical and subjective pointers to ensure you are providing us with the best  files and mixes for your music

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Stereo Mastering $75 / Song

1-3 day turn around

1 file per song

Album Sequencing 

A/B side files for vinyl

Unlimited Revisions

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Hear Your Songs Mastered

Get started to today. Send us one of your mixes. We will review it and be in touch


"I have been bringing my music to Matt and Flagship for over a decade. Not only is he a phenomenal producer and engineer, but his ability to mix and master is among the best in the industry. If you are looking for professional quality mastering on your project Flagship Mastering is where you should look. No Question."

- Jason Huard (Lori Creek/The New Mutiny)




"Matt is a master (pun intended) in the ways of mastering. Having worked with him in various bands over the years, and while recently recording a solo EP, I have seen him in action and heard the difference first hand. An often overlooked piece of the puzzle,  many people do not realize the importance mastering has on the final product. Matt is diligent and dedicated to bringing whatever track is in front of him to life, and I recommend him and Flagship Mastering whole heartedly"

- Harrison Bounds (H Bounds)

"The importance of mastering isn't always apparent when you start a recording  project and the art of mastering can be a little mysterious to the artist. This is where Matt and Flagship Mastering come in . They have the equipment, skill, and ear for this process and can add that extra sauce to your already robust recording. The results speak for themselves, your song will get the glue it needs to sound like a final product, and the width and depth of the track can bring a quility to your music you never though possible! Flagship Mastering truly is the secret recipe for professional sounding releases and I can't recommend Flagship Mastering enough!"

- Nate Sacks (The LifeHacks)




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  • How Do I Prepare My Files to be Mixed - Checklist
  • Recording Prep Guide
    View or recording prep guide.
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